Wudalianchi National Forest Park – Heilongjiang, China


The Wudalianshan National Forest Park boasts the world’s most well preserved, concentrated and complete volcanic landforms. Wudalianchi National Forest Park is in Heilongjiang province. Wudalianchi, or Five Interconnected Lakes, is a topigraphical miracle wrought by an erupting volcanic mountain more than 60,000 years ago.

Entrance Fee

Admission: Heilong Mountain: 80 Yuan
South Medical Spring: 20 Yuan
North Medical Spring: 30 Yuan
Underground Ice River: 80 Yuan
Crystal Palace: 30 Yuan
Longmen Stone Village: 40 Yuan
Double Longan: 10 Yuan
Warm Lake: 80 Yuan
Museum: 10 Yuan

How to reach there

  1. By Bus: There are regular tourism buses from Harbin (Longyun), Daqing and Qiqihar to Wudalianchi Geopark everyday.
  2. By Railway: Take the train from Harbin to Beian Station, from Beian take the regular tourism buses.
  3. By Car: From Harbin, travel along 202 National Highway towards Beian and then turn towards North No.5 Road and arrive at Wudalianchi Scenic Zone via Wudalianchi City.

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