The Tower with Oak Trees on Top – Guinigi Tower, Lucca, Italy

Torre Guinigi Tower Lucca Tuscany Italy 1

The Torre Guinigi is the most important tower of Lucca, Tuscany, central Italy. At the top of the 44.5 meter high tower is something of a surprise – a garden containing, of all things, oak trees.

This tower is one of the few remaining within the city walls. Its main characteristic is its hanging garden on the roof of the tower.The tower has been donated to the local government by the descendents of the Guinigi family.

Torre Guinigi Tower Lucca Tuscany Italy 4 Torre Guinigi Tower Lucca Tuscany Italy 11

The tower was built in the fourteenth century when there were over 250 in the city. Although that number has, over the centuries, dramatically decreased, this one has survived.  It was built by the Guinigi, then the most powerful and influential family in the city. The tower represented the prestige of the family and was the largest in the city even when the economic boom of the late fourteenth century meant that towers were springing up all over Lucca.

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