Indroda Dinosaur and Fossil Park in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India


Situated in the southeast pocket of Gandhinagar, Indroda Nature Park (INP) is a beautiful example of how the ecological insight, planning and management skills of man can assist nature to thrive in its fullest glory.


indroda park1

Presently the park occupies a total area of 428 ha, 157 ha along western bank of river Sabarmati and 271 ha along the eastern bank. On the eastern bank, the area has been divided into Aranya Park (208.50 ha) and Research Nursery (62.50 ha). The western park falls between Indroda and Dholakuva village and the eastern park between Shahpur and Basan village.


Tickets Fee:

Up to 5 Years     Free
2     5 – 12 Years     10.00
3     Above 12 years     20.00

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