Crescent Lake Oasis in the Gobi Desert, China

Crescent Lake in the Gobi Desert

Crescent Lake Oasis is a crescent-shaped lake in an oasis, 6 km south of the city of Dunhuang in Gansu Province, China’s Gobi Desert located on the gate of an ancient city.  This Lake once saw traders embark on their journey along the Silk Road to the West.

Crescent Lake in the Gobi Desert

According to measurements made in 1960, the average depth of the lake was 4 to 5 meters, with a maximum depth of 7.5 metres (25 ft) In the following 40 years, the depth of the lake continually declined. In the early 1990s, its area had shrunk to only 1.37 acres (5,500 m2) with an average depth of 0.9 meter (maximum 1.3 meter). In 2006, the local government with help of the central government started to fill the lake and restore its depth; its depth and size have been growing yearly since then.

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