Apeiron Island Hotel in Dubai

Apeiron Island Hotel

This is Dubai’s US $350 million project, it’s the hi-tech and futuristic 7 star Apeiron Island Hotel.

This is one of the most impressive futuristic luxury hotels I have ever seen, I am not sure how much it will end up costing to stay their but do not expect cheap in the price.

Designed by UK’s Sybarite Architects, the futuristic and exclusive 7-star Apeiron Island  Hotel will be 300m from the coast of Dubai. Access to the hotel is restricted to yacht (water) and helicopter (air) only. The hotel contains 438 suites, private cinemas, luxury boutiques, conference rooms, an underwater restaurant with views into the surrounding lagoon, an underwater gym, spa and art gallery. The hotel’s internal facade has louvers to prevent direct sunlight and will made up of solar cells as is the ribbon that frames the building that can generate some energy for the entire hotel!The hi-tech hotel is a $500 million project that will have 28 stories (rising 185 m)

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